Board of Directors

Joanne Kaczmarek, President

University of Illinois

Joanne is the Director for Records and Information Management Services for the University of Illinois, as well as the Archivist for Electronic Records.  She has been in the archives and RIM environment in an academic setting since 2002.  Joanne has a BS and MLS both from the University of Illinois as well as her CRM and has been a steady member of ARMA as well as SAA.  Prior to her work with RIM and archives, Joanne was in the salon industry as a small business owner where she experimented with applying technology to all aspects of business administration operations.


Nikki Mahatanankoon, Vice President

Illinois State University

Nikki joined the Office of Registrar in the Records Unit at Illinois State University in 2005.  She specializes in digital imaging and helped build capturing profiles while managing many digital projects, including maintaining student academic records.  Since 2010, Nikki has supervised Transcript Services and has served on the CILARMA board since 2008.


Josh Kennedy, Secretary

COUNTRY Financial

Josh has worked in the records/imaging environment for 20 years, and has been he manager of Corporate Records and Imaging Services for COUNTRY Financial since 2011.  His area is responsible for the electronic capture and identification of incoming paper, email, and fax submissions for a large variety of policy-related and internal business processes.  In addition, he is responsible for his organization’s hard copy storage, and works with business partners to determine imaging alternatives for paper processing and long-term storage needs.

Diane Van Dorn, Treasurer

Iron Mountain

Diane began her career with Records Management Services in Chicago and transferred to the Lincoln faciltyin 1991.  She has been instrumental in both the Great Lakes Region and Central Illinois chapters of ARMA International, serving multiple terms as President, Seminar Chair, and Newsletter Editor. 


Tom Schreyer, Director

Affordable Shred and Storage

Tom is an information privacy advisor and leads Affordable Shred and Storage as a leading company in both document, electronic and product destruction and compliance. He assists business professionals in formulating their information security policies, updating management teams and training customer’s employees. Tom is a Certified HIPAA Professional, a Certified Secure Destruction Specialist and serves on the Public Relations Committee for the National Association for Information Destruction. He is also on the NAID Speakers' Bureau and presents his HIPAA UP! Seminars to annual conventions, national associations, medical groups and physicians (CME’s earned/ethical).


Renee Gooderham, Director

Bloomington/Normal Water Reclamation District

Renee is the Administrative Assistant for the Bloomington Normal Water Reclamation District.  She has been in the Records & Information Management environment since 2007.  In addition, she has served on the CILARMA board since 2015.

Revised March 29, 2014